Vulnerability Management

Don’t leave your network at risk. We will help you assess, mitigate and protect your systems from malware.

A vulnerability is described as a weakness or flaw in systems or devices throughout a network. To locate or address these issues, vulnerability assessment tools are used to target these machines and devices to provide an in-depth analysis on how to resolve a vulnerability. In other cases, vulnerabilities are detected by means of forensic tools or audits and the reports of these issues are used to initiate vulnerability scanning.


At a high level, vulnerabilities can be dealt with in either a proactive or reactive environment.

Reactive: These scenarios will include a security or forensic tool like Data Loss Prevention, anti-virus, IDS/IPS, and firewalls to determine that a flaw or vulnerability exists.

Vulnerabilities include:

  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Network Attacks
  • Data Breaches

Proactive: These scenarios involve the use of a vulnerability analysis tool in the scanning of a device or segment. These scans and assessments are not initiated based on an existing vulnerability.

  • A vulnerability scanner will initiate a scan against a target device or segment.
  • The result of the scan provides a vulnerability assessment.
  • The assessment provides details on whether or not the target is within compliance and lists any vulnerabilities that may exist.
  • These assessments are to be provided to other administrators if needed, for the complete resolution of flaws or system patching throughout the network.


With the right integrations, organizations can ensure real-time compliance within the network. CipherTechs offers managed services around the deployment, integration and ongoing management of Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment tools.