Single Sign-on

Incorporate enterprise level auditing and login capabilities for all your users and applications.

CipherTechs helps your team develop and maintain a Single Sign-on (SSO) solution for your on-prem and cloud infrastructure. This allows your organization to verify the authenticity of your users and to verify and audit any malicious login activity. By locking down an environment with a SSO infrastructure, all methods and attempts to access the environment are logged and verified with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

Security as Best Practice

  • Rolling out MFA to all your users may seem too costly, too time consuming, or too difficult when taking into account all of your methods of access, infrastructure and applications, but CipherTechs has real world data that concludes that utilizing MFA is the number one best technique to thwart some of the most popular methods of gaining entry to a network.

Brute Force Mitigation

  • Though not a silver bullet, MFA makes brute forcing any application or website that supports it much more complicated and time consuming. When introducing factors such as these to hackers, not only does it add a level of difficulty that turns them away, but it also makes any attempts at malicious access easy to audit and verify, alerting the user as well as the administrator to the possible compromise, increasing reaction time and decreasing the chance of a successful breach and follow up exflitration.

Multi Factor Authentication is Progress

  • MFA adds another layer of protection against would-be hackers by requiring a third method of authentication
  • MFA adds a single user interface for administrators to verify username, geo-location and time of attempted logins across their organization
  • MFA is being widely adopted and supports across a variety of platforms, making enterprise level migrations simple
  • Many MFA solutions support hardware based physical keys as another method of authentication, supporting the most secure situations required in any environment