Governance, Risk & Compliance

Gain better efficiency, management, and maintenance over your security information.

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) tools help bring order to enterprises’ large sea of regulations, audit programs, processes, and policy. Governance in respect to Information Security is extremely important. Without educating the user population or adopting security policy and process, organizations would have many instances of data loss, permission errors, and regulatory violations.

As companies grow, their ability to maintain and manage singular policies shrinks. Acquisitions and mergers occur, more products are purchased and more people are hired. This will translate to more policy and more process. It is the organizations responsibility to ensure the success of the company and a GRC tool will help manage these challenges.


Create and distribute policies and controls as they map to regulatory, compliance, or internal requirements. Assess the effectiveness of controls Ease risk assessment and mitigation Audit control & data requests Review permission and access levels


Along with managing the policy and procedures, an organization should consider implementing structure around its data. Classifying data and assigning data owners helps alleviate the ‘unknown’ when data is lost. Tagged data can be given a value and responsibility can be assigned, thus providing a framework for the organization to track and maintain its proprietary and sensitive information.


Risk Assessments (RAs) are an excellent way for an organization to prioritize its security needs. GRC tools help provide balance and a risk assessment will tell you where you need to focus. A Risk Assessment will help you answer the questions you may not even know need to be asked.

  • What is a Risk?
  • Who should I include in the Risk Assessment?
  • What is Hierarchy Control?
  • Is Risk Assessment a Legal Requirement?
  • What responsibilities do my employees have?

CipherTechs APPROACH

CipherTechs knows the challenges associated with managing the overlapping controls in an enterprise environment. Simply mapping or identifying the controls which are required can be a challenge. Spreadsheets start to get outgrown by the growth of business and something more structured needs to be implemented to help bring order to the organization. This is where the GRC tools come in. CipherTechs uses multiple vendors to help organizations orchestrate its people, processes, and technology to respond in a respectable manner to security incidents and limit data breaches or loss.