Digital Forensics Tools

CipherTechs has your perfect digital forensics solution to locate and control security threats.

Digital Forensics tools are useful in forensics investigation across multiple phases within industry standard Incident Response Handling guidelines to include:

  • Detect & Analyze– Ensure detective measures are in place and effective to identify active threats and provide advance warning for looming threats.
  • Contain, Eradicate, Recover– Minimize scope of impact when a threat materializes, recover systems to their original form, and restore systems to their functioning state.
  • Post Incident– Finalize documentation of the incident and conduct post-mortem exercises, including prioritization of control reinforcement where necessary.


  • Endpoint agents that can identify rogue applications and restrict their actions
  • Network capture tools that can identify rogue communication on your network
  • Log collection and collection tools that can be used to detect rogue activity
  • Endpoint analysis tools to include image memory and hard disk analysis

CipherTechs FOCUS

CipherTechs offers managed services around the deployment and ongoing management of Digital Forensics solutions with a core focus on the following:

  • Agnostic vendor comparisons
  • System setup and deployment
  • Custom reporting and metrics
  • Training and knowledge transfer to become familiar with the solution
  • CipherTechs’ audit engineers can also be engaged in digital forensics investigations.