Cloud Security

CipherTechs helps organizations gain visibility and security in the cloud.

CipherTechs has expertise with a large variety of tools which offer cloud security for customers. CipherTechs has the ability to customize their offerings to meet any customer needs. It is typical for a customer to hire CipherTechs to review an existing environment and based on the review move into a cloud security project to enhance the customer’s security.

Primary Security Tools

  • On Premise Cloud Security – Tools which perform cloud security functions on the corporate network
  • Hybrid Cloud Security – Tools which have both a presence on the corporate network and in the cloud


  • Provide an organization information as to who is using cloud services in the environment
  • What information is being transmitted via cloud services or applications and over what services
  • Secure communications with these services
  • Accepting risk and determining what is too risky is something which becomes a natural conversation for organizations considering Cloud Security initiatives.


The following solution sets help provide visibility and control over the risks which are gained from an organization using cloud services.

  • Web Gateway and Proxy Solutions
  • Cloud Visibility & Monitoring Solutions
  • Logging and Incident Response Solutions
  • Endpoint Client Visibility and Control Solutions