Monitoring Services

CipherTechs Monitoring Service offerings are designed for those who do not have the resources of a fully staffed 24 / 7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

Our customers can pick and choose from a wide variety of security platforms which help increase their security and notify the appropriate resources when a security related event occurs. Customers can even choose to have CipherTechs help investigate and correlate the actions leading up to the security event.


CipherTechs’ Monitoring Services include:

  • Event Management and Monitoring 24x7x365
  • Redundant SOC operations in NA and EMEA (APAC 2017)
  • Flexibility monitoring and/or security product management
    • Monitoring/Alerts: CipherTechs analysts alert and advise client about events and possible changes they should make based on some level of service
    • Monitoring/Management: In addition to analyst alerts, CipherTechs security engineers with cross-platform training & experience manage security products.
  • Custom correlations for high value assets; VIPs; workflows
  • Ability to integrate with clients’ existing technologies
  • Incident response teams
  • Forensic investigations and reports
  • Executive, compliance and operational reports on threat trends, vulnerabilities, and efficiencies


Benefits of Monitored Services include:

  • Improved cyber security landscape
  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Focus and reallocate corporate resources
  • Reduce responses for false-positives saving time and money
  • Threat intelligence feeds, dark web research, open intelligence research
  • Threat intelligence supplemented by cross-client correlation

Benefits of Managed Services include:

  • Optimize investment in security products with advanced implementations
  • Going beyond best practices to expand and improve product utilization
  • Improve response/remediation time to immediate threats
  • Flexible relationship with shared client access
  • Training for client if requested
  • Maintain up to date patches; upgrades; backups
  • Scheduled and emergency changes; health checks; reporting
  • Log retention; privacy compliance; audit compliance
  • Client portal for tracking support requests and/or projects


Our highly qualified engineers:

  • Have a deep and wide array of experience that can act as a knowledge resource for your organization and we respond 24/7 to critical emergencies
  • Are certified in each product we support
  • CipherTechs does not sell any technology that was not first vetted and approved by our engineering team. We take pride in being a full service, engineer-driven solutions provider – offering the highest level of partnership at the best price.