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Ian Amit

Chief Security Officer


Ian is a hacker and a security practitioner. He currently serves as the Chief Security Officer at Cimpress, as well as an advisory board member in several companies, and a director of the board of BSidesLV. In his past he held senior leadership positions with Amazon, ZeroFOX, IOActive, and several security vendors. He is a seasoned consultant and red team operator. Ian co-founded the Penetration Testing Execution Standard, DC9723, and The CISO Track. He is an IDF veteran who served with its armored corps as well as the IAF.


We are working on elastic permissions implementation across Cimpress (an extension to Zero Trust), as well as SSDLC initiatives through the development lifecycle


1:1 meeting for vendors who have deep operational knowledge in the areas we are exploring, and can offer unique prespectives on long-term solutions in the areas.

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